Personal Recollections

A great number of people have helped to provide the information used for this website and we are particularly grateful to the people below who have written their own recollections of life in Brockham.

If you have memories or photos you would like to share with others, please email them to 


The Borough by Alex Street

Brockham Green and it's Inhabitants in the 1930's by Len Jordan

My Childhood in Brockham Green - War Year Memories by Tony Strudwick

A copy of a letter written to an unknown person, c.1922; by Major J. W. Humphrey of Glenthorne, Brighton Road, Horley, Surrey; who was born in Brockham in 1846.

A copy of a letter written about Way House by S K Hayward who worked there with Miss Sherlock

My Memories of Brockham by Nora Mortimer

Memories of Village Green Cricket by Dave Glanfield

Victorian Fair - Letter from Reuben and Lesley Bond

Memoir about Way House by Marjorie Eileen Grieve