The Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary 1935

Silver Jubilee Celebrations, 6th May to 12th May 1935 - His Majesty King George V and Her Majesty Queen Mary

A number of memorable events marked the Royal Silver Jubilee at Brockham, which concluded on Saturday evening with the second of two grand variety entertainments.

On Saturday morning the Jubilee Thanks Giving Service was held at Christ Church Brockham, and in the afternoon there was a United Service of Thanks Giving on the Village Green.

Old People's Supper

On Wednesday evening of last week, between sixty and seventy elderly people over the age of 65 were entertained to supper in the Village Hall. Mr W Anning and the Vicar (the Rev F.G. Ward) were among the guests and acted as Chairman and announcer respectively. The Village Hall members had made themselves responsible for the excellent supper arrangements, and performed the duties of waiters, while the following ladies prepared the supper and assisted with the serving: Mrs Finch, Miss D Finch, Miss Luff, Mrs Gale, Mrs Bell, Mrs A. T. Jones, Mrs Burnett and Mrs F Bowrey.

The Vicar as Chairman of the Jubilee Committee extended a hearty welcome to the guests and read the reply of their Majesties to the telegram of congratulations sent on Monday. He referred to the presence there of Mr and Mrs Wicks of Gadbrook and Mr Corkill who had already celebrated their Diamond Wedding Jubilees and read the message of congratulations with which Mr and Mrs Wicks had been personally honoured from the King and Queen. Mr Anning proposed the health of their Majesties, which was drunk with musical honours.

After the concert which followed Mr Anning proposed a vote of thanks to the artistes, the entertainment concluded with "Auld Lang Syne" and the National Anthem.

Smoking Concert

The men of the village were invited by the Jubilee Celebrations Committee to a Smoking Concert in the village hall. The hall was full to capacity and a jolly programme was provided. The programme and general arrangements were managed by the Brockham branch of the British Legion.

Variety Concert

Brockham's week of Jubilee festivities concluded of Friday and Saturday evening with two grand variety entertainments of unusual interest and joviality. Mrs G Rickett, who had been responsible for so many successful amateur shows, had surpassed herself in collecting together a striking array of talent in honour of the occasion. The Rev. F. G. Ward, in proposing a vote of thanks, spoke of the wonderful way in which Mrs Rickett had stirred everyone with her enthusiasm, and so had contrived and carried through such a grand finale to the weeks celebrations.

Jubilee Thanksgiving Service

On Saturday morning in Christ Church Brockham the official Jubilee Thanksgiving Service was held. In his sermon, the Vicar talked of the principle of service and that this principle was the ideal of our King, who at his Jubilee dedicated himself anew to the service of his people.

United Service on the Village Green

In the afternoon a United Service of thanks giving was held on the Village Green, and was attended by a very large congregation. Before the service commenced the Vicar read the reply to the telegram of congratulations sent to the King and Queen by the villagers on Jubilee Day. At the end of the service, after the National Anthem had been sung, the Vicar said that however unusual such a proceeding at such a service, he was going to ask them to give cheers to the King and Queen. The congregation responded very heartily, led by the Vicar himself. Collections were made at both services in aid of the King's Jubilee Trust Fund.



Various sport activities took place on the Village Green, 100 yards for boys and girls, a sack race for boys under 14, a three-legged race for girls 10 -14, a relay race for boys under 14 and a 50 yard run for boys under 7. In addition a Tug-O'-War for both men and women, a ladies bargain race, cycle relays, a men and ladies 100 yard race, a band race, a consolation race, a slow cycle race, novelty racing for ladies, a veterans race and a fathers' pram race

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