Len Jordan:Over the road now to Birch Cottage, where lived George Sherlock, his sisters, and niece Ida.  George's shop was a few yards away where Century Cottage now is.  The shop was built for George by his father I believe.  He apparently started off as a gent's outfitter, and in fact I can recall one of his shop windows always had gents clothes hanging in it.  But he soon became a grocer, newsagent etc.  Mr.Sherlock was very popular and well respected in the village.  He sang in the Choir, and Ida was the organist for a number of years.  One of  his sisters, Alice, was a teacher at Brockham School all of her working  life.  When she retired, in 1936, the headmaster Mr. Pinnock, collected from all the pupils, and as many of her ex-pupils as he could trace, and she was presented with a bureau at a concert in the Village Hall held in her honour.Sherlock Stores C 1908 (2)

image kindly provided by Alex Street

New Mr Sherlock