The Blacksmiths

There were blacksmiths based in the smithy Wheelers Lane and was run by Mr Beazley. Reg Glanfield remembers: ' I do not think he was a farrier; that work was probably undertaken at Betchworth. Mr Beazley had an assistant Len Brad who lived in the cottage behind Way House towards the allotments.'


Blacksmith 1920's Image 1

Blacksmiths Wheelers Lane, 1920's


Blacksmith Today Image 2

Present day

Emma Sheed:Whytways was known as the Smithers because it was a blacksmith and wheelwrights. The name Smithers which is of course carried on by the local road named The Smithers just to the north of the village pond. When the wheelwrights left the house became Rose Dean, then Whiteways by 1910 and Whyteways by 1925

New The Smithers?

The Smithers?