Elm Grove Farm

Coach Road

Beryl Higgins: Elm Grove Farm was built in about 1700: a two storey brick and tile-hung end chimney house,a part of a complex with barns, stables and granary. The barn was built in the late 19th century.


1841Census and 1843 Tithe Award

Edward Arnold 65 FarmerElm Grove Farm

Edward Arnold Jnr 25 Farmer

Ann Arnold 25     

John Arnold 20    

Harriett Skelton 20 servant

1851 John Taylor

1861Sir Barbe Slade

1871:John Long

Elm Grove Farm 2

Johnson Batchelar 1886: The  next is the Grove a  Mr Orme Esq, a private Gentleman was occupied  70 years since by Mr Fox a farm bailiff to the owners Henry Peters Esq. of  Betchworth Castle about 70 years since.  He was unfortunate in his management; too many winners and foolish  fancies - such as offering to give a load of manure for a load of couch to plough into the land, it was reported that he lost £3000 for the Old Squire and  it was said that Fox died in the Croydon Workhouse, of course Mr Peters could  not keep him any longer, poor old man. 

Elm Grove Farm 3

Michael Budd: As a farm I think the last owner was Sanders. Before that Chart who farmed the land to the west of Brockham Lane where all the houses now are. He came to Brockham from Dungate Farm at Buckland.This is no longer a farm but the house is occupied

Alex Street: Farmer Richard Chart followed farmer R. Barrow. Chart didn't farm very much but
endeavoured to open a gravel pit at the end of The Borough, west of Brockham Lane, It was not a success.  He then gradually sold off the farm land for building, hence The Avenue, Hillside Gardens etc.

1983Occupied by Mr P Jameson


Elm Grove Farm Barn - now Tanner's Barn is now another house accessed from alongside Brockham Bridge

Elm Grove Barn



 Elm Grove Farm Poster