Robert Beaty Dand

Robert Beaty DAND, vicar of Brockham l915-21, was bom about 1885.

Deacon 1906 in Nassau, priest 1908 in London. He was curate of St Paul's, Long Island, Bahamas 1906, of St Clement Notting Hill 1907-09, of Whitstable 1910-13, and of St Vedast Foster Lane and chaplain to St Bartholomew's Hospital 1913-15.

He was vicar of Brockham 1915-21 (pop'n 1140), vicar of St paul's Brentford 1921-27, rector of Woodbridge, Suffolk 1927-48, and chaplain of Seckford Hospital 1931-48.

He retired in 1948 to Ambleside, moved to Grasmere in 1957/58, and died in 1968.

His son R W S Dand, born in Brockham in 1917, was also ordained.