Frederick Greenfield Ward

Frederick Greenfield WARD, vicarof Brockham 1929-36, was born
about 1882; deacon 1905, priest 1905 in Australia. He was curate
of the cathedral parish of Goulburn 1905-06, of St Savour's Goulburn
1906-09, of Wagga 1909-11, and rector of Bormedman with Ariel
1911-13, all in New South Wales. He was rector of Canberra
I913-29, during which he was a chaplain with the AIF 1915-17,
being awarded the MC in 1916; he was made a canon of Goulburn
in 1926. He was vicar of Brockham 1929-36, vicar of Docking,
King's Lynn, Norfolk 1936-50, Surrogate 194O-50, and curate-incharge
of Bagthorpe 1950-56. He retired in 1956 to North Elrnham,
and died in 1962. His son Edwin Ward was a chaplain to the Queen
from 1955, and archdeacon of Sherborne 1968-84.