Friday and Standing Families

The Friday Family of Old School Lane

The Friday family have lived in Brockham since parish records began and probably for a very long time before then. It seems as if most of the family lived in and around Old School Lane in Brockham with few venturing outside the parish.

The family appear to have retained respectability over the generations with no record of poor law relief, working as small farmers and agricultural labourers. 1843 Tithe award map: William Friday lived on plot 86 and John Friday plot 49. These dwellings have gone. However it is still possible to trace bits of brick and tile of plot 86 which is in the field where Old school Lane meets the south end of Park Pale Lane. A little building and pond are marked on later maps but these are also now gone. All traces of plot 49 on the west side of Root Hill have disappeared. John Friday must have moved there between the 1841 census and 1843 Tithe Award.

The following references come from the Friday family history but there are indications they lived in a cottage on the other side of the road close to Dolly Farm where in 1861 James Batchelar and Henry Luff were living. It is all confusing but there is no doubt that generations of Fridays were living in Dolly Farm.

1861 School Lane- now Old School Lane: Dolly Farm: James Friday 34 Ag Lab Dorking, Sarah Friday 33 Dorking, Thomas Friday 14 carter's boy born Dorking, Amy Friday 12 scholar Betchworth, Sarah Friday 10 Betchworth, Catherine Friday 8 Betchworth, Alice Friday 6 Betchworth, Emma Friday 3 Betchworth, Emily Friday 1 Betchworth (6 girls!)


1871 School LaneDolly Farm: James Friday 47 Ag Lab Dorking, Sarah Friday 45 Dorking, Thomas Friday 25 Ag Lab born Dorking,   Catherine Friday 18 Betchworth, Emily Friday 12 Betchworth, James Friday 11 Betchworth Scholar; Alice Friday 16 Betchworth


1881 Dolly Farm:Thomas Friday 33 born Brockham general labourer, Ellen Friday 26 Capel, Jesse Friday 3 Brockham, Henry Friday 1 Brockham


1891 Dolly Farm:Thomas Friday 44 born Brockham general labourer, Ellen Friday 38 Capel, Jesse Friday 12 Brockham, Harry Friday 11 Brockham (Henry in 1881) James 9 scholar Brockham, Sarah Friday 9 scholar born Brockham, Mary Friday 5 scholar Brockham, Thomas Friday 3 Brockham, John Friday 1 Brockham, Frederick Friday 1 month born Brockham (William born 1893, Clifford 1895, Ellen 1896)



Joan Redmond[2]: Tom and Ellen Friday took over the farm from a previous generation James and Sarah Friday. They had a daughter Mary who married George Standing. They had two girls Nina and Mary and it was Mary who married an Irishman Patrick Redmond. They were to have a daughter Joan who was to be brought up ion the farm by her grandparents the Standings.


When Tom Friday died his wife Ellen moved to Oakdene Road and lived with her sister Mary Brewer who had worked as a lady's maid.


The farm was a part of the Deepdene Estate and was bought by Chart of Elmgrove farm in the 1921 sale and was in due course to sell the farm to the architect Hagyard. Mr Hagyard's wife died and he remarried. A daughter by the first marriage married the brother of Mrs Humphries the wife of the butcher in the village. Their son was to die young unexpectedly. There was no farm, just the house which was later bought by a Mr Cheetham and is now occupied by the Gibson family for the past twenty or so years. I believe Yew Tree was built on to Dolly Farm but the bell family lived there when I was a girl then another family I forget followed by the Rickard family. I do not recall where the name of Dolly came from but I am sure it was called that when I was young.



Ellen Friday


Tom Friday


George Standing


Mary Friday aged 3


Mary Friday


1911 Mary Friday and George Standen



Friday family 1911 - Arthur Friday with the dog moved to Australia


Tom and Ellen Friday probably 1911 at Dolly Farm


Tom and Ellen Friday probably 1911 at Dolly Farm


Frank, Mary, Bill and Agnes - Harry and Agnes Friday's children


Clifford Friday


Clifford Friday

Joan Redmond:When Clifford was a lad he and two friends went scrumping in Mr Poland's garden. They had to come out backwards because of the holly and when doing so Cliff received a belt on the backside. He came through the hedge and found the village policeman I think Mr Bleach. He said "You leave half those apples on my wife's door step and you will hear no more from me!"


Charles Friday


Frank Friday

Frank was born at Dolly Farm and was to marry Peggy Stovall and they had a son Richard.


Mary Standing with Nina and Mary


Mary Standing First World War


George Standing First World War


George Standing


Nina and Mary Standing


Joan Redmond and great grandmother, Joan grew up in Dolly Farm living with her grandparents


Mary Redmond Second World War ATS mother of Joan


George Standing