Dr Thorne

Dr Thorne lived in The Laurels on Brockham Green - now Old Inn Lodge. His surgery was attached to the house and is now the garage. Dr Thorne had no assistants and dispensed his own medicine. When he first came he used a bicycle but acquired a horse and trap, and finally a car. He died in 1932 and electric light was installed in Betchworth Church in his memory. He bequeathed Bequest Cottage in Wheelers Lane for the use of a District Nurse which was sold when no longer needed with the proceeds going to Betchworth United Charities.


Some personal recollections:

Len Jordan: It began for me on St Valentine's Day 1924.  My parents lived at No.3 Oak Cottages, which is now half of the residence of Clive and Mrs Roberts, and which they now call Oak Cottage.  According to another school-friend Ted Boatwright, Dr. Thorne delivered me just before midnight on the 14th, and then dashed off on his push-bike up to Brockham Pits and delivered Ted soon after midnight on the 15th.

In the 1920s, Dr. Thorne's house, also pharmacy was next to the chapel and the Dukes Head. He was a nice old fellow with a white beard.  He rode a ladies bike with a basket on the front, to do his rounds.  He attended me for measles when there was a big epidemic in the early '30's. So many kids in the village had measles the school had to be closed!  No sooner had we started back to school, than I had chicken pox.  So it was back to Dr. Thorne again, and another couple of weeks off. 

Reg Glanfield: Dr Thorn who lived next to the Dukes Head also pulled out teeth!