Dr J H Arthur

Dr. Arthur was the local doctor living and working from Noys End with his nurse Kitty Woods living in Old Cottage next door with Miss Fenn the pharmacist. There was no NHS before the war so people paid their own way. Some used The Panel a type of insurance and others paid up and went to nursing homes. There were no anti-biotics, no penicillin concentrating on M & B 693. It was said there was not a lot to choose between the hospital and the work house. Dr Arthurs's son John became a doctor and at some stage Boyd Newton worked with him to learn the ropes before taking over.

Reg Glanfield: 1920s: I used to go to Dr Arthur's house every morning before school and get in the wood and coal and they would give me a good breakfast. I would go back after school and refill the coal and wood and anything else that needed doing. My brother Harold worked there as a gardener and would also drive the doctor as necessary.