Tenants of the Manor of Brockham Manor

reproduced with the kind permission of Jane le Cluse

This list shows the tenants of the manor by name (which have been copied exactly), and the acreage of their landholding in Acres, Roods and Perches (a.r.p). There were 40 Perches to a Rood and 4 Roods to an Acre. One Acre is 0.4047 Hectares, or conversely, there are 2.471 Acres in a Hectare.

The list also mentions Tenants with land in the Manor of Betchworth. This means that the Manor of Brockham held land which was technically in the Manor of Betchworth, the rent for it was paid to the Manor of Brockham.

Note also the short list of Commons. There are no tenants for these, although those with certain types of holding (usually Customary Tenants) would be able to use the Commons. This was often for grazing sheep and cattle, although other activities may also have been allowed, such as gathering wood. It depended on the Customs of the Manor.

This list is held at the Surrey History Centre, reference: 304/K/Box 6 Item 3.

Jane le Cluse

July 2010


link to list of Tenants in 1812